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Augmented Reality physical education for teenage girls. 

Did you know that many teenage girls are disengaged from physical education (PE), contributing to a wider gender gap in fitness? VibeStride inspires girls to enjoy movement over competition.  As they navigate the school grounds, they collect virtual sportswear at various locations - transforming exercise into a rewarding game. Each found item equates to points and real rewards, from shopping vouchers to cinema tickets. 

Our school subscription is just £250 annually, and a personal app is available for .79p with additional in-app purchases. We're aiming to reach 1000 schools by 2025. VibeStride isn't just an app; it's a revolution in PE, helping teachers engage students in a fun, active lifestyle. 

Vibestride: The App That Combines PE and Fashion (Prototype)


Vibestride is a prototype app that combines fashion style with PE. Create your own avatar and style them with the latest active wear. Hang out with friends and win new outfits by doing the AR PE game called Stride. To get the new limited edition outfits, you need to use the camera on your phone to look around your school grounds for the new outfits. Once you have located them to unlock them, you have to do a series of exercises like jumping jacks, lunges, etc. There are easy, medium, and hard modes. Vibestride is still under development, but we are excited to share it with you. We are looking for feedback from teenage girls who love fashion and fitness. If you are interested in testing the app, please sign up on our website.

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